Noah and The RAINBOW Covenant

King Solomon said, "The fear of G-D is the beginning of wisdom", and that "The fear of G-D is also the end of the matter."
-- Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) and Mishle (Proverbs).

All humanity on the Earth, as well as the creatures of the land, were uprooted and destroyed by the waters of the Flood in Noah's time. Noah and his family alone, along with the selected animal species, remained afloat on the waters until G-D's fury subsided. The reason for the destruction was the disregard for the first Six Laws which G-D gave to Adam and Eve and their descendants. It took 120 years to build the Ark. People had the time but were were unwilling to change their evil ways. Humanity had become so perverted and corrupt that no repair was possible. The waters subsided. After 365 days in the ark, Noah and his family, along with all the animals, made their way onto dry ground into a new, cleansed world. Noah sacrificed to G-D, and G-D caused a RAINBOW™ to appear and said that it would be an eternal sign of the covenant between G-D and Noah (and his descendants), and all the Earth. That RAINBOW™ covenant symbolized a vow that G-D would never again bring a flood into the world to destroy all flesh. The Almighty reaffirmed to Noah the original Six Laws given to Adam and Eve to regulate human societal behavior (the relationships between G-D and individuals, and person to person) and added the Seventh Law after the Flood, hence the Seven Laws of Noah. This was a fresh beginning for the world.

G-D loves us and all His creation absolutely! He gave us the Seven Laws to protect us from destroying ourselves. The Seven Laws are the foundation for a G-dly human, earthly society. People are created in G-D's image. We are loved. It's said by rabbis and scholars of the Torah and Talmud that to actually see a RAINBOW™ is something negative. It means that there is the need for judgment, but there is restraint from on High.

The Seven Laws of Noah are directly taken from the first of the five books of the Torah which is called Genesis(Bereishis). The Torah is the first and holiest section of the Bible. These eternal Seven RAINBOW™ Laws are binding upon all humanity. The descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who are known as the Jewish people received the Torah from G-D directly with an additional set of laws that are binding upon them for a total of 613 laws. The Jewish people, the "Light Unto Nations", have the stewardship and responsibility of teaching humanity the eternal Seven Laws of Noah.


Seven Laws for Universal Humanity

Here you will find a listing of each of the Seven Laws of Noah. To learn more, CLICK HERE for a detailed explanation of each law.


One G-D   (Creator of Time, Heaven and Earth)


Blasphemy of G-D's name is forbidden   (Innuendoes and insults of all types are included)


Do not murder


Immoral sexual acts are forbidden


Do not steal


Creation of a just judicial system


Do not eat the flesh taken from an animal while it is still alive (added after the Flood)